Talking Books for children

My First Discoveries is an award winning series that has sold over 40 million copies in 30 countries. It allows children to see and understand information about the world with unusual clarity through the strikingly beautiful illustrations.

Now combined with talking pen technology, this series offers a unique educational resource to initiate young readers aged 4 + into learning and reading in English.

What are talking books and how do they work?

The talking pen reads and links  invisible code printed on the pages of the talking books with sound files saved on the talking pen. Touch the talking pen to different parts of the page to hear a narration of the text on any page, or individual words and phrases linked to the illustrations.

Audio material  includes:

  • a complete recording of the text read by professional American actors with expertise in recording for ELT.
  • key vocabulary linked to specific illustrations on each page of the book.
  • over 15 fun sound effects per title to help children, engage, understand and learn.

Who are they for?

Children aged 4 to 9 who are learning English as a second language.

Children who are native English speakers who are reluctant readers or struggling readers.

Our titles

What are the learning benefits?

Linguistic Benefits

  • Children can read and learn English using the talking pen. The pen enables children to connect text and illustrations directly with the recorded word.
  • Children learn autonomously. Children’s learning can sometimes be limited by parents’ availability and their own reading skills in English. The pen facilitates comprehension and allows children to learn autonomously and at their own pace.
  • Children learn a wide range of subject-specific vocabulary, and practise and improve their pronunciation and listening skills in English. The words and sound effects linked to all the illustrations provide a wealth of additional  language relating to the topic.

Cognitive Benefits

  • The talking books awaken and develop children’s interest in the wonders of the natural, physical and human world around them.
  • They learn about a range of topics that feed their interest in key curricular subjects:  English, Science, Geography, Art and History.
  • Children benefit from an interactive audio visual experience without any screen time! The books also helps to develop attention span and attention to detail.
  • Children practise vital critical thinking skills:  observing details, identifying, matching, comparing, classifying, understanding change and growth, cause and effect, sequences of events, and discriminating between parts of the whole.

What are we looking for?

  • Distribution partners to sell and promote these books both for English as a second language and for native English speakers.
  • Distribution and sales capacity to sell books in sets with a talking pen device.