We have a long backlist of titles which has continued to sell very successfully over many years, above all the My First Discoveries series which has been publised in several different editions. My First Discovery Paperbacks, a new paperback edition of this series. will be available in 2021. Our most popular titles relate to animals and plants, geography and science.


My First Encyclopedia of How?


How do plants grow? How does the water get to your tap? How are babies made? How does an aeroplane fly? How did pirates attack their enemies? This book provides clear and concise answers to many quest…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Mozart was already writing music by the age of five, and when he was still very young, he traveled all over Europe and played for the Emperor of Austria, the King of France, and the Queen of England….

How the Body Works


Discover what makes up a small growing human body and how each of the different parts work separately and together. How do we breathe and digest food to provide energy to walk and run and play?

Earth and Sky


Observe our planet from Space. Explore the wonders of the Earth’s surface: mountains, erupting volcanoes, caves. Learn how the Sun warms our planet, and about the different phases of the Moon.



Share the amazing life of the butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis to the most beautiful of insects.

The Body


Discover the world of birds, their feathers and their flight, their nests and their eggs.



Raindrops, icicles, puddles, rivers, oceans, dams, hoses, and taps—readers will learn that water is falling, melting, and flowing all around us in nature, at home, and even inside us.



Find out about the oldest, the strangest, the biggest, and the fastest steam trains. Discover how railways cross mountains, rivers, and stretches of sea, and see high-speed trains from many countries.



Discover all about ladybirds and also about the whole teeming world of ants, beetles, and grasshoppers.



Discover which dinosaur was as long as two buses, which dinosaur could fly, and where dinosaurs laid their eggs.



Explore the magic of colors: make them change as you turn the page. Mix yellow and blue and you have a small green frog on a big green leaf.

Farm Animals


The cock crows at dawn, ducklings paddle and learn to swim, cows graze, lambs frisk, and pigs roll in the mud. Visit the farmyard and share the life of the farm animals.



See the egg inside the chicken and the chick inside the egg. Watch as the chick develops, grows, and hatches, and learn about different kinds of bird eggs.