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  • My First Discoveries. Captivating non-fiction books that awaken children’s interest in the wonders of the physical, natural and human world around them.
  • My First Discoveries Torchlight. A magic paper torch lights up one small part of the illustration at a time and reveals a world of hidden detail on the darkened transparent pages of the book.
  • My First Discoveries Art. Beautifully illustrated books about art in hardback for children aged 3 to 7. Each title focuses on a famous artist, a famous art museum (the Louvre, Versailles) or a particular artistic genre.
  • First Discovery Music. Illustrated musical biographies for children aged 8 years and upwards.
  • My First Encyclopedias. Illustrated encyclopedias for children aged 4 to 7 years. Clear and concise answers to questions that children ask about the natural and human world. More than 250 detailed and lifelike illustrations that bring the topics to life and help children visualize and contextualize answers.

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