We have recently expanded our My First Discoveries Art series with new titles that explore the life and works of particular artists (Van Gogh), Art museums (The Louvre) and particular art forms (Paintings). The wonderful illustrations of Sylvaine Peyrols and James Prunier help children learn all about individual animal species in stunning detail in three new animal titles: Elephants, Crocodiles and Dolphins. There are also exciting new titles for young machine enthusiasts: Boats and Building Sites. Young historians can follow the construction of one of the great Egyptian pyramids and also the exciting moment of the rediscovery of its hidden treasures, thousands of years later (The Pyramid). The can also follow the exciting and dangerous exploits of the most notorious bucaneers in Pirates.


Forest of Things: Monika Beisner


Forest of Things is a book about books with pictures by renowned artist and illustrator, Monika Beisner, born in Hamburg in1942, living in London and published worldwide. It is a richly illustrated au…



Discover music in all its variety from the wind singing in the trees to the human voice. Learn about instruments from all over the world and make your own instrument.

Paris by Night


Discover the spectacular views and the finest historical and modern buildings of the capital of France. Embark on an imaginary tour of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.



Watch wooden sailing ships tossed on stormy seas and attacked by pirates. Learn how they are made and how their sails work. Sail on a racing yacht. Explore the seas on small canoes, huge container shi…



How are these ancient creatures born and how do they look after their young? What does being cold-blooded mean? Watch them fight and catch their prey.



The grandmother leads her herd, the elephant calf takes its first steps. Watch elephants young and old trumpet, splash and play. Find out how these gentle giants live and all the different ways they u…



Who were the pirates of the Caribbean Sea ? How did they live ? When did they first appear and why ? What is booty? Share in the pirates’ dangerous adventures and get to know the most famous of their…



Watch an Egyptian pyramid being built by thousands of workers. Explore inside its secret passages. Observe a pharaoh being mummified. Rediscover the tomb thousands of years later.

Building Sites


Watch a new building rise up from its foundations. Observe diggers, bulldozers and cranes building a motorway, a railway tunnel and a dam. See carpenters, masons, drivers and plumbers at work.



Find out all about these attractive animals. Dolphins are warm-blooded mammals with lungs like us, but are born underwater and live in the sea. They “talk” to and help one another when in danger.

Vincent Van Gogh


Discover the painter’s favorite subjects: sunflowers, his home, the sky, portraits of his friends. See why this artist has become so famous.



Enter through the glass pyramid to explore the largest museum in the world. Open an Egyptian sarcophagus, watch the Mona Lisa appear on canvas, and discover masterpieces throughout the museum.