Louis Armstrong

Stéphane Ollivier

Illustrated by Rémi Courgeon


Children's book about the life and music of Louis Armstrong

This beautifully illustrated biography of Louis Armstrong tells the life of the greatest jazz musician and singer of his age, and gives an introduction to his music. On the accompanying CD, the narrative of the book is intewoven with 14 of Armstrong's most famous recordings.
Born in New Orleans in 1901, Louis Armstrong loved the gospel singing he heard every week as a boy in his neighbourhood church. He was also inspired by the marching bands and the musicians and singers who celebrated mardi gras in the streets, and performed at funerals and in the many cabarets. The trumpet was his favorite instrument, and he taught himself to play it. From his teenage years on, music was his life. He started as a professional musician playing on the Mississippi river boats before joining various bands. He soon established himself as the best musician of his generation, and at the age of 25 created his own jazz group—the Hot Five. Soon all of America would discover his other extraordinary talent—his unique deep singing voice.