Philippe Biard

Philippe Biard is a children’s book illustrator. After completing his studies in Fine Arts and Applied Arts in Paris, Philippe Biard worked in advertising, for architects and interior designers before becoming an illustrator in 1986. Since 1989, he has produced illustrations for the media and children’s publishers.

Building Sites


Watch a new building rise up from its foundations. Observe diggers, bulldozers and cranes building a motorway, a railway tunnel and a dam. See carpenters, masons, drivers and plumbers at work.



Watch an Egyptian pyramid being built by thousands of workers. Explore inside its secret passages. Observe a pharaoh being mummified. Rediscover the tomb thousands of years later.



Through a series of captivating illustrations and diagrams we observe the craters on the Moon, how the Moon orbits around the Earth and its relative size compared to the Earth and the Sun. We find out…