Donald Grant

Donald Grant was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1954. After studying Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute, in the U.S. which he financed by working as a taxi driver, he then worked as a barman and musician. His learnt most from his travels, spending 6 years travelling the globe, perhaps to learn and think about the world before choosing drawing as his medium for expression. This passion for travelling led him to France, where he settled and has now lived for the last 20 years. He has illustrated numerous children’s books in genres ranging from non-fiction, detective stories, and other types of fiction. He is also a children’s story writer. He is the illustrator of the following titles in the My First Discoveries series: Atlas, of Space, Deserts, Dinosaurs at Large, Homes, In the Sky, Music, Planes, My First Encyclopedia of Why?, My First Encyclopedia of How?, My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, Prehistoric People.

My First Encyclopedia of How?


How do plants grow? How does the water get to your tap? How are babies made? How does an aeroplane fly? How did pirates attack their enemies? This book provides clear and concise answers to many quest…

My First Encyclopedia of Why?


Why is a storm noisy? Why do trees lose their leaves in autumn? Why are there mountains? Why do we have a belly button? What are flamingos pink? Why don’t boats sink? This book provides clear answers…

My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs


This encyclopedia of dinosaurs has been created especially to allow young children to discover the lush natural world in which different species of dinosaurs evolved. The beautiful illustrations provi…