Christian Broutin

Christian Broutin was born in the cathedral of Chartres in 1933. He studied at the École des Métiers d’Arts before working in Advertising. He has made more than a hundred cinema posters and is the illustrated of numerous books, from science fiction to Guy de Maupassant. He is the the illustrator of Boats, In the Jungle, Town, Trees and Volcanoes in the My First Discoveries series.



Watch wooden sailing ships tossed on stormy seas and attacked by pirates. Learn how they are made and how their sails work. Sail on a racing yacht. Explore the seas on small canoes, huge container shi…

My First Encyclopedia of How?


How do plants grow? How does the water get to your tap? How are babies made? How does an aeroplane fly? How did pirates attack their enemies? This book provides clear and concise answers to many quest…

My First Encyclopedia of Why?


Why is a storm noisy? Why do trees lose their leaves in autumn? Why are there mountains? Why do we have a belly button? What are flamingos pink? Why don’t boats sink? This book provides clear answers…

In the Jungle


In the middle of the dense jungle, you can discover countless animals and amazing plants. Your magic torch lets you see all the beautiful hidden details in the dark tropical forest.



Find out about the oldest, the strangest, the biggest, and the fastest steam trains. Discover how railways cross mountains, rivers, and stretches of sea, and see high-speed trains from many countries.



Travel through time as houses replace huts, bridges span rivers, and cranes tower over city streets. See how technology has changed city life.