Charlotte Voake

Franz Schubert


At the age of seven, Franz Schubert already knew as much about music as his teacher. Did you know that Schubert was part of a string quartet with his father and two brothers? By the age of fifteenhe h…

Claude Debussy


As a boy, Debussy wanted to be a sailor. At music college in Paris he used to shock his teachers with the sounds he made on the piano. Children who want to know how to make a glass sing or hear the so…

Fryderyc Chopin


As a young Polish boy, Chopin was already composing his own tunes at the age of five. He learned Latin, Greek, and French, then German, English, and Italian at the same time he was learning to play th…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Mozart was already writing music by the age of five, and when he was still very young, he traveled all over Europe and played for the Emperor of Austria, the King of France, and the Queen of England….

Antonio Vivaldi


Antonio Vivaldi’s father was a baker and a barber as well as being a violinist by profession. Vivaldi became a priest very young and was nicknamed the red priest because of his red hair. Children who…

George Frideric Handel


Did you know that Handel played music in secret as a child, because his father did not want him to be a musician?

Johann Sebastian Bach


Bach was born into a family of many musicians—composers, singers, and instrumentalists. At the age of 12, he could play the harpsichord, the organ, the violin, and the viola. Children who are curious…

Henry Purcell


Purcell was a court musician like his father and uncle. He also wrote music for the theater—a mixture of instrumental pieces, songs, and dances. Children who have tried making up their own dance steps…

Ludwig van Beethoven


Beethoven did badly at school because all he could think about was music, and Mozart was one of his early admirers. Children will learn that they can make up a tune to their favorite poem and sing it,…