The Importance of Reading in the Early Years

Importance of Reading in the Early Years

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for their development. They develop more rapidly during these first few years than at any other period in their lives. It’s when they improve their communication skills, form their first relationships with people and establish habits for life.

In this blog we’re going to break down the importance of reading in those early years, and how it can benefit your children for the rest of their lives. Here are five reasons why reading from a young age is so important.

1. It makes reading part of their routine

We’re creatures of habit, and introducing new things into our daily routine isn’t always straightforward. But if we’re used to doing a certain activity from a young age, it’s more likely to stick with us for longer. And reading is an example of that – especially for kids. Read with your children during their early years and it will become a part of who they are.

2. It can establish a lifelong love of reading

Not everybody loves reading – but you’re more likely to if you’re exposed to it from a young age. Reading with your child in their early years can inspire them to continue reading themselves when they’re older. There are no guarantees, and people’s interests develop over the course of their lives, but reading in the early years gives them a better chance of establishing a lifelong love of reading.

3. It will make learning easier in the future

Although children’s books sometimes seem like a harmless bit of fun, in actual fact they help children to read, understand and process information better. And these skills are valuable in pretty much every other area of their lives. By the time your child starts primary school, they will be better prepared to learn if they’ve already been exposed to reading from an early age.

4. They’ll improve their ability to concentrate

There’s a reason why libraries are so quiet – because people are trying to concentrate! Reading is one of those activities that you simply can’t combine with anything else. So when you’re helping children to read, it’s extra important that they stay focused on the task in hand. If they can concentrate on reading a book for an extended period of time, it’ll be easier for them to concentrate in other areas of their lives, including at school.

5. Improved interpersonal and communication skills

If a child is able to put themselves in the shoes of characters in books, it can help them to become more empathetic to others. They will start to understand how other people are feeling, how they communicate and how they behave. Your kids can then take this knowledge into real life scenarios, where they will benefit from their improved communication skills. If they’re able to develop these skills from an early age (through reading), it will become part of their DNA.


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