10 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Bored of the indoors? These outdoor activities for kids will help both you and your children engage with nature, learn new things, reduce screen time and inject something new into the daily routine. Plus, if you’re ever in need of inspiration, we’ve gathered them all together and put them into a poster that you can print off. Download your copy by clicking on the image at the bottom of the blog.

Children’s Outdoor Activities

1. Do a treasure hunt

Try setting up a treasure hunt in your garden or the local park. Each clue should lead your kids one step closer to the treasure. Although this might initially seem like a bit of harmless fun, it actually has plenty of educational benefits. It helps kids to develop their patience, creativity, problem-solving skills and much more.

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2. Gardening

Encouraging your kids to help out in the garden can keep them engaged outdoors whilst also saving you a bit of time on the gardening tasks. But don’t think of gardening as an easy way to avoid doing the weeding – gardening with kids can develop their patience, sense of responsibility, motor skills and much more.

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3. Chalk jump

The ‘chalk jump’ game is great fun, but also a good way for kids to learn new things. It works by drawing rows of circles on a path or pavement (if you can’t do this, you could simply lay down some pieces of card in the garden). Each circle contains a number or a word. You shout out the number/word, and the kids have to jump to the right spot! This will improve their word comprehension and understanding of numbers.

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4. Go back garden camping

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend camping in your back garden during torrential rain, doing this from time-to-time is an easy way to get your kids outdoors without straying too far from home.

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5. Build a bird feeder

Building a bird feeder doesn’t have to be complicated, and it represents another chance for your kids to engage with nature. Making the bird feeder is a great task to do together, and then watching birds interact with it is a rewarding experience for children.

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6. Plant something

This is another chance for your kids to understand the impact their actions can have upon nature. Plant some flowers with your kids and then together you can watch them grow. Plus, showing your kids how to water and look after plants is a good way for them to start learning about biology.

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7. Read a nature book

It’s one thing to read a nature book indoors, but it’s even better if you can start connecting the things on the page with the great outdoors. So next time you go for a walk with the kids, bring a nature book with you. Then they can look out for the animals they see in the book. It will keep your kids engaged during your walk and ignite their interest in reading.

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8. Go bug catching

Again, this task is made much easier if you have a book handy with pictures of insects. You could pick out some insects from the book and then challenge your kids to go and find them in the garden or local park. This allows them to start drawing connections between the things they read about in the book and real-life scenarios. It also helps to develop their vocabulary by learning the names of new things.

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9. Go digging

This is probably the simplest activity in the list and one that kids of almost any age can enjoy. It’s easy! All you have to do is start digging and see what you find. If you find some insects hidden beneath the surface, ask your kids to identify each one. Or, you could bury some hidden treasure together. There’s really all sorts of things you could do with an activity like this.

10. Sort things out

If you find yourself with a bunch of insects scattered around the garden, the next step could be to sort them into different groups. You can do this by playing a sorting game with your kids. Depending on how old they are, you could ask them to sort the insects by colour, size or species. This game works just as well with anything else you find in the garden.

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If your kids are ever bored and you’re in need of a little inspiration, why not download and print off this poster? Click the image below to download your free copy.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

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