Encouraging Children to Read

Encouraging Children to Read

Developing your child’s interest in reading isn’t always straightforward. Whilst many young kids will take to it quite naturally, others may require some gentle encouragement to get them started on their reading journey. With that in mind, here are our 5 tops tips for encouraging children to read.

1 – Show them that you love reading

One of the simplest yet most effective ways of encouraging children to read is to show them that you love reading yourself. How do you do this? By reading in front of them, displaying reading material throughout the house, talking about reading, taking them to the local library – anything that makes your child aware of your love for reading. Because if they see it as an activity that their parents enjoy as well, it won’t seem like reading is being forced upon them. And reading will seem like a totally natural activity to do together.

2 – Keep a variety of reading material at home

When you’re helping children to read, be sure to mix up your choice of reading material as much as possible. This means you shouldn’t just stick to fiction, or non-fiction, or picture books – if your kids show an interest in reading comics, magazines or newspapers, you should encourage it. As long as they’re reading from an early age then that’s good news. You can drill down into their specific topics and interests as they develop their reading abilities. Initially though, be happy that they’re showing an interest in reading.

3 – Make time in your schedule

An often overlooked aspect of encouraging children to read is simply making time in your schedule to do it. If your child has already taken to the activity then ideally they will take the initiative and start reading of their own accord. However, for kids who aren’t quite at that level yet, try to set aside regular time to read together. It’s important that both parent and child recognise reading as part of their routine. That way, reading becomes part of a child’s structure in life.

4 – Give positive feedback

When you sit down to read together with your child – particularly one who isn’t a confident reader – giving positive feedback can provide them with the confidence they need to develop their reading skills.  Encourage your child to read aloud, correct their mistakes but make sure to positively reinforce the good things that they do. That may be pronouncing words correctly, engaging with the story and understanding the plot – whatever it is, it’s important that your kids feel like they are doing things right when they read aloud.

5 – Let your child choose the topic

One of the best ways of helping your kids to develop their reading skills is to let them guide you through the process. If they were a previously reluctant reader but are starting to show interest in certain topics, you should introduce books about those subjects. After all, forcing your kids to read about things that don’t interest them isn’t going to benefit either of you. Pay attention to the topics that they enjoy and you’ll find that they are more than willing to read about them.

Books to encourage children to read

If you’re still searching for a series of books that really piques your child’s interest, perhaps you could consider one of our non-fiction children’s books. With a wide range of topics to choose from, you’re sure to find something that grabs your child’s attention and ignites their interest in reading.