History Books for Kids

We see learning about history as akin to reading a story, making it a naturally engaging subject for kids to learn about. With a chronological order of events, exotic locations and even heroes & villains, you might find that your children initially respond better to history than other subjects. However, that will only happen by bringing the topic to life with engaging history books for kids.

In this blog we’re going to outline the importance of learning history, the best way to learn it with your children and then recommend some books to help you do it.

The Importance of Learning History

Children can identify with characters in works of fiction, and historical characters in much the same way. History is littered with colourful characters that your child can relate to, helping them to build a greater understanding of the story and its historical context.  By creating connections with the characters at hand, they  start to relate to the historical context. The characters serve as a bridge for understanding  historical events.

History also introduces children to other countries and cultures in a way that other subjects cannot.  From ancient Greeks to Romans, history opens children’s eyes to the various civilizations and cultures that have existed all over the world. And that is doubly important for children whose worlds may still be quite small.

Additionally, reading about history at home with your kids can complement and support what they’re studying at pre-school or school. It could be that the topics taught at school do not resonate with your children and they’re more interested in the history books at home. You might even want to teach them about their local, cultural or national history that they are not being taught otherwise. Every child is different after all, and sometimes it’s just a case of zeroing in on what interests them the most.

How to Bring History to Life

As we’ve already touched upon, reading about history is similar to reading a story, complete with characters, plot lines and story arcs. In that sense, when you read history books with children they can get the benefits of storytelling whilst learning about real-life events. History has the added advantage of providing a natural learning path for your kids as you move through historical events.

Another way of bringing history to life is through interactive books. They are great for keeping your child engaged with the book through pop-outs, sliders and talking features. History is packed full of names and dates, and for kids it can be particularly difficult to remember that information. By reading an interactive history book they can become more engaged in their learning and making it more meaningful and memorable.

Helping children to read illustrated books allows them to draw a visual link with the topic being studied. When we think of Ancient Egyptians for instance, images of Pharaohs and pyramids probably spring to mind before names and dates. By bringing the topic to life with illustrations and vivid artwork, your child is learning whilst having fun.

Our Top History Books for Kids

The My First Discoveries range of books contain some excellent history books for kids. Each book tackles a specific historical topic, whether that be Egyptian Tombs, Prehistoric People or Pirates.  They are immersive books that take your child on a journey through history with colourful illustrations, interactive features and handy explanatory text.

History Books for Kids

The My First Discoveries Torchlight range provides an even more interactive experience for kids. In this series, children use a magic torch included with the book to uncover hidden sections on each page.  It is a great way for your child to really become immersed in the reading experience whilst learning about different periods of history.

However you choose to approach learning history with your kids, one of the most important things to bear in mind is to keep it fun. They could easily lose interest unless you make efforts to keep them engaged in their reading. If reading time is a fun activity for parent and child then the learning will follow naturally.