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World Book Day 2021 | Date, Info and Book Ideas

World Book Day 2021

World Book Day 2021

It’s that time of year again! World Book Day 2021 is just around the corner, and in this article we’re going to gather together everything you need to know about the big day.

Since the first World Book Day took place in the UK and Ireland more than 20 years ago it has spread to over 100 countries around the globe. This year, an estimated 15 million £1/€1.50 World Book Day book tokens will be distributed to kids in the UK & Ireland alone. Spending just 10 minutes a day reading with a child makes a big difference to their future success and improves the life opportunities of children all over the world. World Book Day is a key way of breaking down the barriers to reading.

World Book Day 2021 will certainly be different to previous years. It will be the first time the event has taken place during global national lockdowns, so the traditional events associated with the day will have to go digital. Here’s what’s changing and what’s staying the same.

When is World Book Day 2021?

In the UK & Ireland, World Book Day 2021 will be taking place on Thursday 4th March. It always takes place on the first Thursday of March. This year the date is notable because schools in the region are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many of the festivities to take place online instead. High-street retailers are also closed, making it more difficult to children to exchange their tokens for a new book.

How Will It Be Different This Year?

On a typical year children are encouraged to come to school in fancy dress centred around certain books. The free £1/€1.50 book vouchers are also distributed to pupils on the day. However, things are obviously going to look a little different in 2021 given the circumstances.

This year schools and nurseries can instead register to receive digital book tokens which can then be redeemed online at participating retailers. World Book Day are also working with retailers and publishers to extend the expiry date of tokens in case the UK & Ireland continues to be in lockdown after the day has passed. This year the £1/€1.50 book tokens
can currently be redeemed from Thursday 18 February to Sunday 28 March 2021.

Fancy dress is still very much encouraged whilst there will also be a number of online events that schools and nurseries can participate in. In addition a number of totally free audiobooks are being made available in the run-up to the event, meaning parents and children can still enjoy a book together from the safety of their own home.

If you’re a teacher or parent hoping to get into the spirit of things at home then don’t worry – World Book Day have made available a number of free resources for you including lesson plans, activity sheets and discussion guides.

What Will Remain the Same?

As ever, there are a number of £1/€1.50 books available this year. That means you can use your book token to get one of these books absolutely free. Alternatively you’re entitled to use your voucher to get a discount on books priced at least £2.99/€3.99.

World Book Day is a registered charity and relies heavily on donations. Therefore schools, nurseries and families across the UK & Ireland are encouraged to host fundraising events to give the gift of reading to all children. You can get some ideas for fundraising events right here.

You’re also encouraged to share your World Book Day on social media using the hashtag #worldbookday.

World Book Day 2021 Suggestions

If you’re helping children to read then World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity to get your kids interested in the activity. But with so many books out there, how do you know where to start? Well, we’ve already mentioned the selection of £1/€1.50 books available this year, which can be a good entry point into the world of reading.

My First Discoveries series

With schools closed and home education growing in popularity, you may decide to use this opportunity to introduce non fiction books into your children’s learning. They are a great way to supplement the education that your child is already receiving and also to get them interested in a wider range of topics than the school curriculum. We recommend the My First Discoveries range of books, which awaken children’s interest in the wonders of the physical, natural and human world around them.

Despite the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in, World Book Day is still capable of having a transformative effect on children all around the world. We hope that you’re still able to enjoy the day and can use it to ignite your children’s interest in books. Happy reading!