George Frideric Handel

Mildred Clary

Illustrated by Charlotte Voake



Read all about Handel's life and listen to some of his music like The Messiah, The Concero Grosso, his opera Tamerlano and his Water Music. On the accompanying CD, the narration of the story is interwoven with recordings of some of his greatest works.

Did you know that George Handel played music in secret as a child, because his father did not want him to be a musician? At the age of eight he played for the Duke of Saxe-Weissenfels who persuaded his father to let him have music lessons.He quickly learnt to play the organ, the harpsicord, the oboe and the violin.

While still a boy he played in the orchestra of the Hamburg Opera. At twenty-one he went to Italy and astonished the Italians with his organ playing. At twenty-five he moved to England, where he became very famous and stayed for the rest of his life.