Forest of Things: Monika Beisner

Conversations with Robert Bush

Illustrated by Monika Beisner


  • ISBN: 9781399901147
  • AGE RANGE: All Ages
  • THEMES: Book Illustration
  • DIMENSIONS: 285mm x 205mm x 20mm
  • FORMAT: Paperback
  • PAGES: 184
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 15/10/2021

Forest of Things is a book about books with pictures by renowned artist and illustrator Monika Beisner, born in Hamburg in 1942, living in London, and published worldwide. It is rich in engaging conversations about a life dedicated to art, literature and friendship.

An encounter with fantastic toys, sugar people, a heavenly zoo, riddles, fabulous beasts, charms and spells, hidden cats, a topsy turvy world, flying and speaking trees, and more…

A visual journey through Dante’s Divina Commedia, from Inferno to Paradiso in 100 illuminations.

A transformation of selected tales from Ovid’s Metamorphoses into vivid narrative images.

A series of paintings inspired by Gilgamesh, the oldest poem in the world, recounting mankind’s eternal struggle with the fear of death. 

Historical and modern perspectives, reality and dream, imagination and precise observation all combine to create a visual  language of great power and originality

If you enter the Forest of Things you might discover that reality is not what it seems…