Moonlight books nurture children’s innate curiosity about the natural and human world around them. The success of our books lies in their ability to captivate children’s imagination and hold their attention through the quality of the artwork and design, and the clarity of the text.

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My First Encyclopedia of How?
How do plants grow? How does the water get to your tap? How are babies made? How does an aeroplan..
My First Encyclopedia of Why?
Why is a storm noisy? Why do trees lose their leaves in autumn? Why are there mountains? Why do w..
Find out how Michelangelo painted the frescoes on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.   Joi..
Find out all about the pirates of the Caribbean Sea, how they lived and when and why they first a..
Who were the people who flew the first  small propellor planes? Look inside the cockpit ..
Polar Bears
Discover how these remarkable mammals thrive in the icy cold of the Arctic Circle. Find out h..
Prehistoric People
Who were our earliest human ancestors? Where did they come from? What did they hunt?&nb..
Pyotr  Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Did you know Piotr Tchaikovsky had already discovered his love of music at the age of four thanks..
Ray Charles
Did you know that Ray Charles lost his little brother at five, his sight when he was seven an..
Sculptors use stone, plaster, wood, bronze, and all sorts of other materials to create their stat..
Rare attacks by great white sharks have given sharks a bad name.    Some sharks..
The Bee
Captivatingly detailed illustrations offer children a fascinating insight into the life of bees. ..
The Body
Everyone begins life as a single tiny round cell. Cells multiply and form a baby inside the m..
The Butterfly
Share the colourful life of the most beautiful of insects. See the caterpillar hatch out of i..
The Egg
See the egg inside the chicken and the chick inside the egg. Watch as a chick develops inside..
The Jungle
  What is it like to live in a rain forest? Let's explore the Amazon jungle with its..
The Ladybird
Discover all about ladybirds: what they eat, where they lay their eggs, how they scare off their ..
The Louvre
Enter through the glass pyramid to explore the largest museum in the world.   Open ..
The Moon
Who were our earliest human ancestors? Where did they come from? What did they hunt? What tools d..
The Owl
Watch the owl swoop like a ghost out of the night sky on its unsuspecting prey. Learn about t..
The Pyramid
Follow the construction of an immense pyramid, ordered by the Egyptian pharaoh for his burial tom..
The Riverbank
The river is teeming with life in Spring and summer. The larvae hatch and become flies.  ..
The Seashore
The tide is out; let’s explore! Look for colourful shells; dig in the sand; peep under stones..
The Tiger
Why are tigers in danger of extinction? Did you know they hunt at night and sleep during the ..
The Town
Travel through time as houses replace  huts, bridges span rivers, and walls are built around..
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