Moonlight books nurture children’s innate curiosity about the natural and human world around them. The success of our books lies in their ability to captivate children’s imagination and hold their attention through the quality of the artwork and design, and the clarity of the text.

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See how bees and butterflies settle on spring flowers, how buds blossom and flower into fruit, an..
Franz Schubert
At the age of seven,  Franz Schubert already knew as much about music as his teacher. Di..
Slice open an apple and look at the seeds. Plant the seeds and watch them grow. See the b..
Fryderyk Chopin
Did you know that Fryderyk Chopin was composing his own tunes at the age of five? He was Poli..
George Frideric Handel
Did you know that George Handel played music in secret as a child, because his father did not wan..
Henry Purcell
As a boy Henry Purcell joined the School of the Royal Chapel,where he learnt to sing, read music ..
Homes may be big or small, made of brick, wood or ice, but they are always special. You can b..
How Animals Sleep
Have you ever wondered how animals sleep? Horses sleep standing up, bats hanging upside down, fis..
How the Body Works
Discover the amazing things our body can do. Learn how we grow, how we digest our food and create..
In the Jungle
  Explore the jungle from the tops of the giant trees to the darkness of the undergrowth..
In the Sky
  Discover the planets and stars of our solar system. Find out what lies beyond our ..
  Shine your torch into the homes of ants, bees and termites. Find out what worker a..
Inside the Body
  Find out what happens to the food we eat. Watch a baby grow inside its mother. ..
Johann Sebastian Bach
Did you know that Johann Sebastian Bach was born into a family of musicians? At the age of tw..
Find out how different different artists represent landscapes.   Explore a world of..
Life below the City
  Explore the hidden world that exists below the city streets. Find out why people a..
Find out why rainbows form. See how light makes plants grow. Watch color disappear in the..
Lost Treasure
Lost treasure, buried underground, in overgrown jungles and forests and deep under the sea, o..
Louis Armstrong
Did you know that Louis Armstrong first came to love music through listening to the gospel songs ..
Ludwig van Beethoven
Did you know that Ludwig van Beethoven struggled with his lessons  at school because all he ..
My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
The ideal introduction to the prehistoric world, in which dinosaurs and other giant reptiles thri..
My First Encyclopedia of How?
How do plants grow? How does the water get to your tap? How are babies made? How does an aeroplan..
My First Encyclopedia of Why?
Why is a storm noisy? Why do trees lose their leaves in autumn? Why are there mountains? Why do w..
Find out how Michelangelo painted the frescoes on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.   Joi..
Find out all about the pirates of the Caribbean Sea, how they lived and when and why they first a..
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