My First Discoveries Torchlight

Illustrated information books in hardback for children aged 5 to 8 years. Children explore the microworld of insects, fish and other sea creatures. The “magic torch” reveals captivating details in the illustrations hidden on the darkened pages.

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Animals at Night
  While we sleep nocturnal animals are out and about. In this book you can see what they..
Animals Underground
  You can't see animals who live underground but in this book you can look at them as if..
Castle under Siege
  Follow the action as a castle comes under attack. Enemies scale the walls and batt..
Dinosaurs at Large
  Travel millions of years back in time to find what the world was like when dinosaurs r..
Egyptian Tombs
Light up the past as you enter an Egyptian tomb. What do the    strange hierogl..
Fish Underwater
  If you would like to look at fish in the sea, you could learn to dive. Or you coul..
How Animals Sleep
Have you ever wondered how animals sleep? Horses sleep standing up, bats hanging upside down, fis..
In the Jungle
  Explore the jungle from the tops of the giant trees to the darkness of the undergrowth..
In the Sky
  Discover the planets and stars of our solar system. Find out what lies beyond our ..
  Shine your torch into the homes of ants, bees and termites. Find out what worker a..
Inside the Body
  Find out what happens to the food we eat. Watch a baby grow inside its mother. ..
Life below the City
  Explore the hidden world that exists below the city streets. Find out why people a..
Lost Treasure
Lost treasure, buried underground, in overgrown jungles and forests and deep under the sea, o..
My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
The ideal introduction to the prehistoric world, in which dinosaurs and other giant reptiles thri..
What Animals Eat
All living things depend on each other for their food and habitat. In this book children will be ..
Where Animals Hide
It is often difficult to see animals in the wild because they hide so well. The magic torch i..
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