My First Discoveries

Captivating illustrated information books in boardbook format for children aged 4 to 8. 

Help children learn all about the physical, natural and human world around them.

Detailed and instructive illustrations together with clear and simple texts hold their attention.

Overlays on the transparent pages reveal hidden surprises and facilitate understanding.

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The Impressionists
This art book takes children on visual journey through Impressionism.  It explains what ..
Animal Camouflage
What is camouflage? Did you know that certain animals can change their shape or their colour ..
Animals at Night
  While we sleep nocturnal animals are out and about. In this book you can see what they..
Animals in Danger
Which animals are threatened with extinction and why? Find out about some animals that have a..
Animals Underground
  You can't see animals who live underground but in this book you can look at them as if..
How many different types of ants are there? How do they communicate? What do ants feed on and wha..
Arcimboldo's Portraits
Come into the imaginary world of a most unusual painter, Guiseppe Arcimboldo, who created highly ..
Atlas of Space
Find out how Big Bang created our universe. See the planets in orbit. Explore the surface..
Atlas of the Earth
Find out how landscapes are formed over millions of years. Dicover how wind, water and ice sc..
Discover the astonishing world of birds. Find out about their feathers and their flight, thei..
Watch wooden sailing ships being tossed on stormy seas and attacked by pirates. Learn how they ar..
Building Sites
Watch an abandoned building being demolished and a new one rise in its place. Observe concre..
Look at the engine of a car. Ride in  a racing car, a dumper truck, a bulldozer, a cattl..
Castle under Siege
  Follow the action as a castle comes under attack. Enemies scale the walls and batt..
Did you know why cats can fall without hurting themselves? Learn to read a cat’s mood by look..
Explore the magic of colours. Make them change as you turn the page. Mix yellow and blue ..
Find out all about these ancient reptiles that have existed since the time of the dinosaurs. Lear..
  See how the heat, the cold and the wind shape the landscape we call deserts.  ..
Which dinosaur was bigger than a bus? Where did dinosaurs lay their eggs? How did we disc..
Dinosaurs at Large
  Travel millions of years back in time to find what the world was like when dinosaurs r..
How does a dolphin swim? How do they give birth in the water? How do they communicate with each o..
Earth and Sky
Watch our planet play hide and seek with the Sun and the Moon. Look into volcanoes and caves ..
Egyptian Tombs
Light up the past as you enter an Egyptian tomb. What do the    strange hierogl..
The grandmother elephant leads and protects her herd, the elephant calf is born and takes its fir..
Farm Animals
The cock crows at dawn, ducklings paddle and learn to swim, cows graze, lambs frisk,and pigs roll..
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