First Discovery Music

Illustrated music books with audio CD, for children aged 8 to 12 years. Learn about the musical childhood a famous classical composer or one of the giants of jazz. The accompanying audio CD includes recordings of some the artist’s greatest pieces of music as well as the narrative of the text.

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Antonio Vivaldi
As a child in Venice,  AntonioVivaldi was nicknamed "il rosso" because of his red hair...
Claude Debussy
Did you know that, as a boy, Debussy wanted to be a sailor? At music college in Paris he used..
Ella Fitzgerald
Did you know that Ella love playing baseball as a child? She initially dreams of becoming a dance..
Franz Schubert
At the age of seven,  Franz Schubert already knew as much about music as his teacher. Di..
Fryderyk Chopin
Did you know that Fryderyk Chopin was composing his own tunes at the age of five? He was Poli..
George Frideric Handel
Did you know that George Handel played music in secret as a child, because his father did not wan..
Henry Purcell
As a boy Henry Purcell joined the School of the Royal Chapel,where he learnt to sing, read music ..
Johann Sebastian Bach
Did you know that Johann Sebastian Bach was born into a family of musicians? At the age of tw..
Louis Armstrong
Did you know that Louis Armstrong first came to love music through listening to the gospel songs ..
Ludwig van Beethoven
Did you know that Ludwig van Beethoven struggled with his lessons  at school because all he ..
Discover music in all its variety from the wind singing in the trees to a complete classical orch..
Pyotr  Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Did you know Piotr Tchaikovsky had already discovered his love of music at the age of four thanks..
Ray Charles
Did you know that Ray Charles lost his little brother at five, his sight when he was seven an..
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
This beautifully illustrated biography focuses on Mozart's childhood as well as how he came to be..
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