Ute Fuhr and Raoul Sautai

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Castle under Siege
  Follow the action as a castle comes under attack. Enemies scale the walls and batt..
Life below the City
  Explore the hidden world that exists below the city streets. Find out why people a..
Lost Treasure
Lost treasure, buried underground, in overgrown jungles and forests and deep under the sea, o..
My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
The ideal introduction to the prehistoric world, in which dinosaurs and other giant reptiles thri..
My First Encyclopedia of How?
How do plants grow? How does the water get to your tap? How are babies made? How does an aeroplan..
Rare attacks by great white sharks have given sharks a bad name.    Some sharks..
The Bee
Captivatingly detailed illustrations offer children a fascinating insight into the life of bees. ..
Whales, the biggest animals on the Earth, live in the sea. See a giant whale leap into the ai..
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